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Orthopedic Seminars

Educational seminars are sponsored by our physicians and staff-members on current topics that are interesting to area residents.

Physician Led Seminars:

North Cypress Sports Medicine Center sponsors onsite seminars by the Surgeons of Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. The topics range from surgeries to the knee and shoulder to non-operative treatment options for a variety of injuries. Also included are seminars to educate the public on foot and ankle injuries, runner's problems, and proper training methods.

Staff Member Led Seminars:

North Cypress Sports Medicine Center provides informational seminars conducted by our Outreach Coordinator to discuss Sports Medicine Topics with local community groups. Topics have included vocational talks on Sports Medicine and related occupations with local HOSA Students and examining acute traumatic injuries in the school system with CFISD School Nurses.

Please Check Back for Upcoming Seminar Dates or Call 832-912-6330